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Achievement Board

A special board customized for enhancing autonomy.


Mastering Meals and Activities

This video beautifully illustrates how the Achievement Board empowers individuals with disabilities, offering them a greater sense of independence and confidence. Witness Vivvi's joy and accomplishment as she embraces cooking with enthusiasm, truly exemplifying the transformative power of adaptive tools like the Achievement Board.


What is a disability toolkit?

A disability analysis tool to help you as a policy practitioner to explore the disability implications of your policy as you move through the policy process. This toolkit is designed to help you provide frank and robust advice to decision-makers through the inclusion of a disability lens.

What is accessibility equipment?

What is Accessibility Equipment? Accessibility Equipment is a range of products designed to remove access barriers for persons with physical challenges. These barriers include stairs, raised building entrances and steep inclines that prevent access to public buildings as well as residences.

What is daily adaptive equipment?

Adaptive equipment is any tool, device, or machine that is used to help with any task associated with daily living. Adaptive devices are generally used by people who have a short or long-term disability. But what is adaptive equipment specifically? Adaptive equipment doesn't have to be complicated or fancy.

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